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When it comes to JSP development, no company does it better than WebDevy. But we admit that we might be a little biased because this is what we enjoy doing. We have put together a great team that loves to make JavaServer Pages (JSP) work for people who want to use this platform.

What are JavaServer Pages (JSP)?

JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a new technology that uses more dynamic content. It has also given developers the opportunity to use special tags instead of having to hard-code every single line. It helps our developers save a lot of time, which can be passed on to our clients.

You can probably see how dynamic content has dominated the World Wide Web. But if you want to see the argument unravel, read on.

What are JSP tags, and why do developers use them?

JSP tags are pieces of text that developers write if they want to use it on a website. It saves them a lot of unnecessary keystrokes, which allows them to spend more time focusing on how to make your project run more smoothly. They can be used for registering user preferences, retrieving information from a database, accessing JavaBeans or JSP components, passing control to specific paged, and much more.

What are these JavaServer Pages components that you speak of?

These are specific integrations or applications that have been developed to perform a specific task. As you can see in the last section, the use of JSP development is pretty diverse, so it would be hard to find something that it couldn’t do without any hassles. Not to mention, it’s all done dynamically.

What are the main benefits of JavaServer Pages?

JavaServer Pages has many different benefits, but we have found some that we feel are worth mentioning.

Easily Integrates with Other Languages & Applications

JavaServer Pages might be a modern technology, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks the ability to work with other platforms. It’s one of the friendliest web development specialties that we’ve worked with.

JavaServer Pages (JSP) Turns Performance Up

Going dynamic has its advantages, and increased performance is one of them. We help our clients get the most out of JavaServer Pages and other JSP components.

This is something that’s simply BUILT TO SCALE . . .

And we don’t say that lightly. From the simplest application to the most demanding, JavaServer Pages is a technology that can handle the load – as long as you have a good server to host it on.

You still have access to all of the enterprise-level Java API’s!

Just like Java Servlets, JavaServer Pages have access to all of the enterprise-grade Java API’s. This means that you already have a lot working your way, since we can help guide you in the appropriate direction. We have worked with many JSP projects already, so we know what works and what doesn’t.

WebDevy is here to give you a custom JSP development solution. So, get in touch with us to schedule your FREE CONSULTATION!

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